At Convequity, we provide the information edge to empower your investment decisions in the technology sector, backed by our team's unique and in-depth research in cybersecurity, enterprise tech and SaaS.

We strive to provide the best available research on the topics we cover with an effective blend of technology, financial, macro and political understandings. 

Our financial analyst, Jordan Lambert, CFA, brings years of experience in analyzing companies' financial metrics and valuations. Our technology analyst, Simon, focuses on analyzing current trends and identifying future shifts in specific technologies. With this unique combination, our team is highly equipped to helping clients navigate the ever-changing, uncertain, high-risk with high-reward, world of technology investing.

Our Coverage 

- Cybersecurity - OKTA, S, CHKP, FTNT, PANW, NET, MCFE

- Enterprise Tech - PLTR, FSLY, SUMO, JAMF, TIXT

- Others - INTC, BABA, FB, DBX, ASAN 

- Themes - Zero Trust, Semiconductor, Crypto, Observability, Edge Compute, Cloud Compute 

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Standard institutional package - £395 GBP per month or £2995 per year. 

On a monthly basis, both standard packages include research requests (within our specialist domains)

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